Speed is a Skill: Podcast Episode

Speed is a Skill 

Episode 28: Speed is a Skill

I have been thinking and talking about speed a lot in the clinic lately. 

Personally, I have been speed training for golf this winter. Every golfer I work with has been asking about speed training as part of their rehab process or off season plan.

But outside of just golf, our baseball players have been working on improving throwing velocity and exit velocity as they prepare for winter showcases and the upcoming season. 

We just spoke about the need to incorporate top end speed sprinting to soccer players as part of their hamstring injury prevention program. 

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, speed is a key factor for improving performance. 

So how do you get faster?

In today's episode, I cover several different factors to getting faster, and some common mistakes we see people make when they work on speed. 

  • How to manage fatigue
  • Why your sprints aren’t working
  • Scheduling speed training in your daily and weekly schedule
  • How skill impacts your speed 

You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or by watching the video below. 

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