Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy with Dr. Paige - Why Leaking Isn't the New Norm

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy with Dr. Paige - Why Leaking Isn’t the New Norm

Episode 26: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

In this episode of the Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast, we talk with Dr. Paige Graham about pelvic floor physical therapy. Paige is a well established physical therapy  in our practice who has gone through a considerable amount of continuing education in women’s health, specifically pelvic floor physical therapy. Today Dr. Paige and I are going to delve into a specific area of pelvic floor physical therapy that is more common than you think, leaking!

Dr. Paige and I specifically discuss:

  • What got her into pelvic floor physical therapy
  • Some misconceptions about pelvic floor physical therapy
  • How common are pelvic floor issues
  • How to identify if you are experiencing any pelvic floor problems why they go underrecognized
  • When you should seek help
  • We explain what is “leaking” and when you often experience those symptoms, as well as common approaches to addressing the issue
  • Dr. Paige breaks down what a pelvic floor physical therapy session might look like so you know what to expect.
  • She explains that pelvic floor strength is important in all the things that you do, therefore pelvic floor physical therapy is often not just about your pelvis but addressing the bigger picture of how that functions in all the things you do.
  • Did you know your pelvic floor is working even when you are doing a biceps curl. 
  • And more!

I really appreciate Dr. Paige sharing her insight on pelvic floor physical therapy! And to appreciate that both women and men (yes, men too) do not have to accept these symptoms as normal, and that there are things you can do!

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At Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance we enjoy supporting women (and men) and helping them understand their pelvic floor needs and to feel supported! From free injury consultations to full assessments, we are here to help you feel better, move better and do what you enjoy without symptoms!