The College Recruiting Process with Ben Shepherd of FC Wisconsin

The College Recruiting Process with Ben Shepherd of FC Wisconsin

Episode 30: The College Recruiting Process

In this episode of Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast, I am talking with Ben Shepherd, Co-Director of FC Wisconsin Boys Soccer about the college soccer recruiting process. Ben has served in coaching roles at various collegiate levels and now at the youth club level and offers a broad perspective on this subject. Ben offers up some unique insights of how to best communicate coaches, things that help your college recruiting process, and even some things that don’t!

Ben and I specifically discuss:

  • When players should start thinking about and initiating their college recruiting process
  • What a player's initial contact should look like as they reach out to a coach for the first time.
  • How to find the right college and soccer program fit for you
  • What you can do to increase your visibility to college coaches
  • What a parent’s role should be in the recruiting process
  • What are some specific things you need to know about the NCAA college process such as contact timelines, transfer portal, international athletes and more!
  • What are things that coaches notice about players (hint . . . positive and negative)
  • And much more!

With Ben’s experience of developing players, recruiting and coaching players for the college game he offers a lot of unique insights that would help any athlete have a great college recruiting process. Yes some of this is soccer oriented, but I think any athlete and their parents would benefit from listening to this podcast!

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