Shoulder Instability Rehab: A Physical Therapist's Road to Recovery

Shoulder Instability Rehab: A Physical Therapist's Road to Recovery

In this episode hosted by Dr. Lauren, we are talking with Dr. Michael about shoulder instability rehabilitation. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to listen to our previous podcast with Dr. Chris Kilian about the medical management of shoulder instability, but for this episode we are going to take a deep dive into conservative (non-operative) and post-operative physical therapy for shoulder instability.

In today’s conversation, we specifically discuss:

  • Dr. Michael’s recent experience when he dislocated his shoulder, and how he chose to rehabilitate it
  • Why someone might choose physical therapy versus operative management for an unstable shoulder
  • Things you can expect with non-operative management for shoulder instability
  • What non-operative and post-operative physical therapy might “look like”
  • What does end-stage rehab or preparing to return to the “field” look like, especially for contact athletes
  • How to know you are ready to return to your sport or activities
  • What are some tests that can be done to assess your progress and readiness to return to sport
  • And some pearls of wisdom from Dr. Michael as he reflects on his injury and rehabilitation

This is a great episode that gives you the opportunity to have an insider's view of the rehab process for an unstable shoulder. A physical therapist going through his own rehab process hits different! As with all podcasts, we are discussing general recommendations and guidelines, but we highly recommend you consult with a medical professional or qualified physical therapist in person to discuss your specific situation. 

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