Lessons Learned During an Injury

Lessons Learned During an Injury

Episode 18: Lessons Learned During an Injury

I went through my first major injury rehab in about 20 years after recently dislocating my shoulder. It was the first major injury that I had the opportunity to “rehab” myself since going through physical therapy school.  

In this episode, I want to share some of the lessons that I learned by going through the rehab process and injury. This podcast is not a detailed breakdown on how to recover from a shoulder dislocation (look for that episode in the future), but rather a big picture look at what I’ve learned going through the rehab process.

Specifically, I dive into:

  • How I dealt with the mental hurdles of getting injured
  • Tips to stay involved during an injury
  • How to fill your increased downtime
  • The importance of consistency in rehab
  • Keys to resuming your activities safely

This has been a very interesting process for me to go through and I hope that you can learn something from my experience that helps in your injury recovery!

Are you recovering from an injury? Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with me.  I’d love to talk with you so I can learn more about your specific situation and help you get back to the sports and activities you love. 

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