Milwaukee Running Performance Podcast

Milwaukee Running Performance Podcast


In this episode of the Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast, we talk with Jack Hackett about running performance. Jack was a collegiate runner at Marquette and is currently a local running coach.

Following his time at Marquette, he continued to train and run professionally for a brief period before an injury kept him from going further. Beyond running, Jack has worked at Performance Running Outfitters as the sales and staff training director and recently started his own company, Infinity Run Co.   We had a great conversation, and I think you all will enjoy it as much as we did!

Topics discussed with Jack today:

  • Jack’s background and how he developed his love of running at an early age
  • What benefits can strength training help runners with how it affects their running economy
  • Jack’s educated answer to the question of “What is the proper foot strike position?”
  • Why we measure running cadence and what does it all mean
  • The specificity of patient recovery and how we have learned methods of recovery do not have a real effect across the masses

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