Injury Prevention for Runners with Coach Jack

Injury Prevention for Runners with Coach Jack


We are excited to bring you another episode with Jack Hackett, where we discuss injury prevention for runners! Jack joined us on two previous episodes of the podcast: this episode, where we discussed all things running including foot striking and cadence, and later this episode was about lactate threshold training. If you haven’t listened to either episode, you should take the time to go back and listen as there was a lot of valuable information for runners of all levels. Today, we are going to dive into injury prevention tips for runners.

Jack was an exercise physiology major and a collegiate runner at Marquette university for four years, where he ran cross country and the distance events in track.  Following his time at Marquette, he continued to train and run professionally for a brief period before an injury kept him from going further. Beyond running, Jack has worked at Performance Running owns, operates, and is the head coach of Infinity Run Co.

Injury prevention topics discussed today include:

  • Running mileage progression
  • The decision between keeping average mileage high or low and the benefits
  • The benefits of an active warm-up and strength training for runners
  • He shares recent research on the benefits of “foot core” exercises and injury prevention for runners
  • He discusses the question if changing foot strike or cadence helps with injury prevention
  • A coaching perspective and what research says about stretching and foam rolling
  • And more!

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